SU.icloudems: A Comprehensive Guide to Sharda University’s Cloud Service


Several educational institutions offer a wide range of resources to help students improve their grades. These institutions provide cloud-based course materials. This is one of their strengths. Students can access their study resources from anywhere at any time via SU.icloudems. It is useful for students who are not physically present on campus. This post will provide additional information about Sharda University, often known as SU.icloudems. We will also go over its features and benefits, as well as how to log in and change your password.

What is SU.iCloudems?

Sharda University built the platform SU.icloudems. The portal provides resources for educators to track students’ development and assist them in achieving higher grades. After enrolling, each student is given a user ID and password for cloud storage. This tool allows students to maintain a range of study materials online, eliminating the risk of losing them. It also allows students to update their iCloud storage at any time.

Su iCloud Features:

SU.icloudems manages students’ essential academic needs such as study materials, document uploading, and fee payment. Many schools use the iCloud server for pupils. They do so since it has numerous features. Some of the major aspects that you might encounter are outlined below:

Safe Cloud Storage: This site offers stable and fast cloud storage. Students can use this cloud storage to store digital materials. They are able to save documents, projects, homework, and tasks. However, it also benefits academics and instructors. iCloud Sharda enables professors to conveniently gather student projects and other study-related materials.

There is also a library of study materials kept there. The study resources allow a student to obtain study materials without physically visiting the library. It might also be used by teachers to create exam questions and answer papers. They are used for students’ future tests and assessments.

The Portal offers academics and students a variety of quality resources. Collaboration on projects and assignments with faculty members benefits students. It facilitates collaboration among academics and students on initiatives. The projects require continuous monitoring. It also supports chat, audio and video conferencing, and other features.

Personalized Cloud Storage: The Portal enables faculty and students to save personal cloud data. Students and faculty members can exchange notes, projects, and assignments. They can accomplish this without having to communicate with anyone else, owing to this useful technology. Furthermore, it allows teachers to provide anonymous feedback. They are able to provide feedback on students’ projects, assignments, and notes.

Steps for registering at SU.icloudems

The easy structure allows students to simply access their accounts. Meanwhile, to register on the website, follow the procedures below:

To get to Sharda University, open your browser and type it into the search box.
Visit the platform’s official website to view the sign option, which you must select to sign up.
On the sign-in screen, you can log in using Gmail by tapping it.
Once you’ve picked the email address to register with, follow the on-screen instructions.
If you do not utilize this option, you must still fill out the registration form with all of the required information. Examples include student IDs, names, email addresses, and so on.
The following steps are to choose your college and create a strong password.
To complete the registration process, you must agree to the terms and conditions listed on that page.

Procedure for SU.iCloudems Login

To use the su.icloudems login process, students must first obtain their login credentials from the administrative department. The painstaking approach to gain access to iCloud Sharda:

Open your web browser and go to the official login page.
Enter your username, password, and other login credentials.
For security reasons, use the OTP that was sent to your email address to validate your identity.
After logging in, you’ll be sent to the dashboard.
The platform’s login process is straightforward, consisting of four steps. Because of privacy and security issues, the students recommend logging out once their assignment is finished. Furthermore, it is essential that students keep their login information discreet.

How to Reset the Password for Sharda iCloud

If you forget your shardaSU.icloudems platform password, it won’t be that bad. Students who get unauthorized access must report the occurrence to the administrative department. The steps to change the password are as follows:

To reach the login page, navigate to sharda icloud using a browser.
Select the “Forget Password” box.
When a box with your user ID or login appears, look within.
To ensure security, please complete the captcha.
Choose the branch and college that best meet your needs.
Choose “Submit” from the menu.

Steps for Submitting Fees Through Su Icloud

After you’ve used all of the other services on the portal, you may also use this platform to submit fees. Please find the following information to assist you in submitting the fee:

Your profile page will appear as soon as you log into the site using your login credentials.
Navigate to the dashboard’s “fee” button.
Clicking it will provide a list of options, including total costs, academic fees, incidental charges, hotel fees, transportation expenses, and more.
To send in your fees, select “anyone”.
Your name, the charge amount, and the total balance will be shown.
To pay this charge, select “Pay Now”.
You can use a variety of payment options, such as cards, UPI, online banking, and so on.
Once the person has been chosen, complete the payment.


Aside from the use of this gateway, there are several advantages. With its numerous upgrades for the betterment of children, this simple platform gives the following benefits:

Simple to Store: Using the platform, teachers and students may easily store notes, assignments, and projects. Furthermore, it lowers the likelihood that their notes and assignments may vanish.

Safe Data: It safeguards the information stored on cloud servers. It prohibits unauthorized users from accessing cloud storage. Academic specialists are also kept away from critical research resources. Materials have been stored.

Efficient Communication: One of the most important components of the website is the ability for educators and students to communicate ideas. It also provides additional communication channels. It enables educators and students to communicate via several channels, such as texting and video.

Effective management provides the tools and abilities required to complete a wide range of jobs. Important notes and assignments are kept in one location. This benefits the students.


We discovered at the end of this article that professors and students can use SU.icloudems to access a variety of services and perks. It can help students finish assignments and projects more quickly and successfully. Teachers do not have to be concerned about losing students’ projects and assignments because they may just hold them for a longer period.


The material provided in this article is solely for informational reasons, and the website claims no ownership of the post.

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